Saturday, January 9, 2010

Every Single Time

Today I want to share with you something which is in my opinion, fantastic!!! This fine poem is written by one of my dear friend. And she has really put a deep sensation in it. Just read these lovely lines and I bet you too will love it.

Every single time...

I watch your eyes as they watch me leave.
They do not flinch.
I pause and look for a sign, something...anything...
to stop me from going...but nothing.

Every single time i am upset...

i expect a hug...i keep waiting...

Every single time you make me wait...

i expect u wont do it the next time...but i still wait.

Every single time you disconnect my call...

i expect a call back...the phone doesn't ring.

Every single time i want to cry...

i expect your hands around are never around.

Every single time i am scared...

i want you to be with me...but i am there sitting alone in a dark corner, scared and crying.

In the haze of your eyes...

i expect to see that love...which i guess i have never seen.

It pains me to watch you quit on me

and on your right to me and still say that you haven't.

I wish you would stop me, and never let me go...

I wish too that I could just leave forever.

You shut your eyes on always.

And i know it's time for me to leave...and i will forever.

© Praneet Agarwal


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